Saturday, January 27, 2018

Does Your DNA hold the secrets to your Health?

 With recent improvements in the Accuracy of DNA Testing and the Affordability of performing such tests new Clinical studies are in progress to determine which if any Genes can be specifically linked to certain Diseases.
 Now this opens up another question in it's entirety as to the Question of whether or not You actually want to know if your going to be healthy or suffer from a Disease?
Since the beginning of time man has not know when or how he would leave this life, unless he choose a moment to end it by self inflicted death or Suicide.
DNA testing for certain particular common genes among  those that suffer from different types of Cancer are being held.
Other diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease are being studied as well.
Many people have expressed the belief that discoveries by the Pharmaceutical Industries have been hidden from the public that could actually benefit individuals and actually Cure them from future suffering.
Where the Immense amounts of Money being generated from selling Medicines that merely instill false hopes among the people.
And to release the fact that a cure has been found would then devastate the Pharmaceutical Industry.
Your DNA Truth.
Your Life.
Your Future.
It is speculated however that soon new DNA Testing specifically targeting these Genes will be made available to the public at large through companies online such as and
With the click of a button the Public will be able to order affordable DNA Test Kits to be delivered right to their homes.
This new availability will be made even more affordable by Special offers of Free Shipping to those that purchase the DNA Testing Kits.
Making the decision to actually submit a DNA Test in order to learn that very Important question, "Who am I?", "Where do I Come From?", and "How will I Die?"
So would you really want to know?
DNA Testing Kits are very simple to use.
Most available DNA Test Kits utilize a Mouth Swab to gather a sample of saliva from the Person submitting for analysis.
From start to finish it only requires a couple seconds to perform the swab.
Then using a pre-paid postage envelope the swab is then mailed to the company performing the exam at no extra cost to the purchaser.
Generally within a week to two weeks results will be returned to the Person.
Easy as 1-2-3.
So do you really want to know?
That is the Question.

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